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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. 

I help you develop healthy, meaningful relationships by releasing your stored trauma, rewiring your brain, owning your shadow, & EMBODYING your greatest self-expression. Welcome to the dojo.

I am passionate about helping my clients unearth and reclaim their personal power through the lens of shadow work, attachment theory, neuroscience, trauma-informed healing, and high performance habits.

Whether you are in breakup recovery, trying to end the cycle of people pleasing, struggling in a high-stakes relationship, transitioning careers, wanting to lead yourself with more governance and integrity, enduring the chaos of a divorce, wanting to equip yourself with interpersonal skills to better lead your organization, I will walk alongside you as a guide and ally.

If you're feeling called to an extraordinary life, one that is currently out of your reach, book a discovery with me and we'll explore your greatest possibilities together!

"If you are not telling the truth

in your high-stakes relationships,

you are actively creating superficial relationships."

Jayson Gaddis

White Structure

An empowering and transformative
training process, backed by neuroscience and depth psychology, to guide individuals, couples, leaders, and organizations towards self-mastery, interpersonal intelligence,
and compassionate leadership.


Couples Coaching

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, or discouraged in your high-stakes relationships?  Are you having the same conflicts  and feeling alone?  Train together and learn  powerful, scientifically backed skills and tools to create greater depth, intimacy, connection, strength, 

and joy in your relationship.

Individuals Coaching

Are you living on auto-pilot with a sneaking suspicion there's something more?   Do you struggle with imposter syndrome, find it difficult to connect authentically, and feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life? This training is for you if you want to rebuild a healthier relationship with yourself, and  become the emotional leader in your life.

Organization Coaching

People leave because of leadership, not the job. This training is for you if you're  ready to harness your core gifts, activate your authentic power, and lead with consciousness and compassion.  Inspire your employees with organizational trainings that help them uplevel theiir relational skills, feel considered, and build trust in your leadership team.

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