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Kelly Campbell

Conscious Leadership Coach & Agency Growth Consultant

"Working with Fereshta over the last year, as a guide in healing childhood wounds through shadow work, has enabled me to fully claim my inner strength, love of self and associated self-awareness for how I show up as my true self in the world.


She helped me uncover my True North -- who I have always been at the core. With the removal of limitations (all rooted in fear), I am now living my life fully expressed as a woman, a leader in my work, and in transformative partnership.


Her ability to hold safe space, assist in organic revelation, and support the release of trauma has been one of the gifts in my life that has changed the course of it. Simply put, find a way to work with her."


Kelly Campbell


Anahita Moghaddam

Founder of Neural Beings, Organizational Trainer and International Speaker

"When I came across Fereshta, I was stuck in a repetitive pattern, or a loop, in my relationship. I tried my best to resolve the issues on my own, but eventually, exhausted and in need of a seasoned coach, I asked Fereshta to be my relationship coach.


Within months of focused attention on the root of the issues, as well as on the behavioral patterns arising from them, Fereshta helped me to steadily shift into a more secure inner stance, which consequently shifted my relationship dynamic to a healthier and more secure one.


I now feel more confident to navigate the complex path of relationship, having learnt the skills to respond intelligently to situations as they arise, while always remaining deeply anchored in my own inner home.


It is the eye to detail that she possesses, and the fierce yet gentle love with which she holds her clients, coupled with excellent coaching and therapeutic capabilities rooted in science and personal practice, that make Fereshta an exceptional coach and guide."

Anahita Moghaddam


Lindsay Mann

Spiritual Counsellor and  Sustainability Consultant

"I came to Fereshta completely turned off to building new friendships and relationships after a slew of unhealthy connections.  With her guidance, I discovered the root of my tolerance for dysfunction, my blind spots, and what I needed to own on my side of the street.


I have grown exponentially since working with Fereshta. She’s helped me dig deep into my patterns in relationships and communication in ways that directly get to the truth.

Remaining empowered in the author seat of my life, I have learned to be more discerning and listen to myself. Now, my inner circle is solid and high quality, and I am open to building new healthy relationships. You are in for impactful, life-changing, relational training when you work with Fereshta. 

Couples, singles, divorceés, the younger and the older - no matter where you are in your relationships, these are skills we all need under our belts so we can be better role models and leaders for the people around us.


Fereshta’s work is pioneering, of the highest value, and rooted in so much love."

Lindsay Mann

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